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Privacy Policy

Oklahoma Baptist University
500 West University
Shawnee, OK 74804

Intentionally disclosed information

When you correspond with us we may use the information you give us to reply to you, to send you more information about OBU, 和, unless you are a student, to solicit donations.

If you are a student:

Automatically disclosed information

When you visit our 网站, we automatically receive 和 record your IP address 和 browser data. We use this information to improve our 网站 和 to ensure security. We may also use this information to customize the content you see. For instance, if you visit our site from a mobile device we may display the content in a simplified format. We do not use this information to track you or to identify you personally.

Information disclosed to third parties

Our 网站 uses third-party services to improve usability 和 to analyze usage patterns. These may receive intentionally or automatically disclosed information during your visit, 和 have their own privacy practices.

We may give your information to third-party 电子邮件 delivery services for the purpose of sending 电子邮件s on our behalf. To remove your 电子邮件 address from a distribution list, you may reply to a message, follow the unsubscribe link, or contact us by telephone, 电子邮件, 或邮件.

We do not share your information for any extraneous purpose such as 电子邮件 harvesting, 市场营销, 或销售.

What are cookies?

饼干 are digital files that help 网站s remember something about you. Learn more at the 饼干 & 你 网站.